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After almost a decade consulting to industry, Catena MBA SEZC is now proud to offer high value courses.

We leverage our extensive experience to bring you CEO-level clarity on how you can deploy emerging technologies in your business to lead in your market. 

Our courses are designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, legal and finance professionals as well as developers. Whether you are building something new, optimising your business or serving others with your professional skills, these courses add immense value to your bottom line. 

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Dr Stewart Southey
MBBCh FRCA MBA MSc (Digital Currencies)

Dr Southey is a seasoned technologist and business strategist with over two decades of experience in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive business growth and optimisation. As the founder of Catena.mba, he has dedicated his career to helping businesses unlock their full potential through the strategic application of advanced technologies.

Stewart’s deep expertise spans across blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and a myriad of other emerging technologies, making him a sought-after thought leader and instructor in the industry. His courses are meticulously designed to provide practical, actionable insights that empower professionals to harness technology for maximum business value.

With a passion for how technology can improve healthcare delivery, Dr Southey has written and lectured extensively on Blockchain in Healthcare. He has been advisor to numerous healthcare startups, NGOs (including The World Health Organisation) and publicly listed companies.

Leveraging extensive industry experience, Dr Southey offers deep insights in how emerging technologies can practically impact business strategy and operational excellence. Designed for entrepreneurs, business leaders and service professionals (such as lawyers and finance experts), the Catena Courses empower students to build, enhance and serve clients with CEO-level clarity.

You can explore recent publications here, or check out @CatenaMBA's Youtube channel here.



  • Tokenomics Modelling
  • Virtual Asset Regulations
  • Business Strategy
  • DAO/STO/ICO Expertise
  • Independent Directors


  • POC & MVP Builds
  • Technical Consulting
  • White Paper Development
  • Product Design


  • Strategy Implementation
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Blockchain Education


  • Healthcare
  • Circular Economy
  • Medtech
  • Supply Chain
  • Fintech


As an early entrant in the blockchain space, Catena MBA has the experience, network and capabilities to ensure you receive the best possible advice. ​

We are passionate about healthcare and sustainability, and have worked with UN agencies, NASDAQ listed companies and numerous SMEs and startups wishing to capture a competitive edge through the use of Blockchain or Token Economies. ​

Some examples include using blockchain for Medical Device Post Market Surveillance, Asset Tokenisation Strategies, Electronic Healthcare Record Access, CBD Supply Chain Management, Carbon Credit Tokenisation and Rubber Tyre Circular Economy Support. ​
Med Tech
Supply Chain
IoT & AI
Circular Economy
Blockchain Implementation


Some of the teams we have worked with in the past.


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