A Comprehensive Guide to DAOs

This course is designed for lawyers, regulators, entrepreneurs and investors looking to understand and explore how decentralized organizations function in the modern digital economy.

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What you will learn
Key Takeaways

The concept of DAOs is widely misunderstood. At the end of this course you will have a comprehensive understanding of what a DAO is (and isn't!), the business value proposition, and all the necessary components required to create one. We cover all the technical as well as the many 'softer' elements that are essential for a fully functioning DAO, and the pitfalls to be avoided for success.


Most DAOs are unregistered legal entities, exposing DAO members to enormous potential risks. We explore the frameworks for DAOs to navigate these issues and review the Legal Principles, Structures and Jurisdictions that enable compliance and successful function.

Treasuries and Tokens

Management of a DAO's Funds is critical for its survival. This course helps you understand DAO-specific tools for the Treasury, including wallet security, token allocations strategies to mitigate against crypto-volatility and governance structures to protect DAO members.

Employment Opportunities

We identify the potential areas where contributors can add value and earn from DAOs as community managers, content creators, designers, developers, finance experts and many more.

Advisors and Regulators

Consultants engaging with clients creating DAOs will have a much deeper understanding of what their clients need. Policymakers and Regulators navigating the evolving Virtual Asset environment will have the tools to help inform legislation as the Digital Economy progresses

DAO Creation Video

Watch each step as we show you exactly how to launch a DAO from scratch. In this 13 minute video we demonstrate all the steps you will need to take - from connecting your Metamask wallet, creating your DAO, setting up voting and more - updated for the Ethereum Blockchain post merge.


    1. Welcome

    2. Course Contents

    1. What is a DAO?

    2. DAO Value Proposition

    1. Community Dynamics

    1. Types of DAOs

    1. Components of a DAO

    1. Legal Considerations

    2. Legal Jurisdictions

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Dr Stewart Southey

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Dr Stewart Southey MBBCh FRCA MBA MSc (Cum Laude) is a Senior Partner at Catena MBA - A Blockchain Advisory Firm. He is an Anaesthesiologist, Healthcare Strategy Consultant and Forbes Contributor, and is widely recognised for his expertise in Blockchains for Healthcare. Dr Southey has been advising clients on Blockchain implementation since 2016.

Demystify the key elements of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations.

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