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DAOs - A Comprehensive Resource

The nature of business is changing. In this book we explore the changing paradigm that is Web3 - the rise of the Ownership Economy. Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are internet native structures that enable communities to work towards common goals, with shared resources and shared rewards. This has become possible with the invention of blockchains and the new Digital Economy. At the end of this book, you will understand exactly what a DAO is, why it potentially is transformative, and the reasons it may excel against traditional organisational structures. We explain the components of DAOs and the technology required to build one. Perhaps more pertinently, we demonstrate the non-technical considerations for success - Decentralisation and Governance. These softer elements are critical for any DAO to succeed. Our framework enables you to think clearly about the potential pitfalls and challenges, and how to mitigate against these. There are also significant legal issues to consider when forming a DAO. This book examines the pros and cons of registered vs unregistered DAOs, and the legal principles and jurisdictional choices available to you for creating legal entities to represent your DAO. As the world business paradigm changes, privacy, ownership and self-sovereignty are becoming more and more important. DAOs represent a coordination layer for business in the new Digital Age. This book helps you navigate the future of business and the new internet.

Dr Stewart Southey 

Founder and Managing Director of Catena MBA SEZC, Stewart has been working at the cutting edge of Blockchain and Digital Assets since 2016. He has worked with numerous startups, NGOs and listed companies, advising on the use of emerging technologies for strategic advantage. 

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